Letter to Penguin/Random House- Despise eBook Library Model

Dear Penguin/Random House Marketing Leadership,

 $15,000 spent on Overdrive eBooks at my High School in 2 1/2 years
$400 spent on Penguin/Random House ebook titles

I thought you might want to know that I (and others like me) despise the lending model that you have created at Overdrive.

I refuse to spend dollars on Penguin/Random House titles unless I know they will circulate heavily. So, I have purchased John Green titles and books that have been made into recent movies.

I tested a few titles last year and as they expired recently several circulated 1-3 times.

So, Harper Collins and publishers with the One Book/One User model that never expire, priced under $25,  get nearly all of my eBook Budget – $4K a year, plus.

As more schools roll out 1:1 and every student gets an iPad or laptop you can expect other schools with big eBook budgets to spend their money just like me.

I thought you might want to know and hope that you’ll make a change soon! Then, I’d gladly shift a large portion of my budget to your titles.

Also, please note that as a high school, I purchase as many Adult books as I do YA/Children’s Titles.


Diane Mankowski
Library Director
National Board Certified Teacher
Glenbard South High School, Glen Ellyn, IL

Blog: http://www.flippinglibrarian.com/
Twitter: @DianeMankowski

Currently Reading
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