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Curating Booktrailers to Promote Reading

Jump Ahead to My Booktrailer Page, but i t may take a while for the booktrailer page that’s linked just below to load, so be patient. It’s pulling all the video content from 30 booktrailers into Scoop.It.

Scoop.It Booktrailers from Brake for Books


Promoting reading will remain important and as we prepare to deploy iPads  to all freshmen next school year on our path to 1:1. I’ve been testing ways to take reading recommendations  digital while incorporating social media tools.

This past year, I curated this list of booktrailers for students to watch in lieu of listening to a standard booktalk,  during our “Brake for Books” program that all sophomores attended. I have always booktalked the “Bestsellers” group. Instead I created the “Bestsellers” Scoop.It of Booktrailers. I’ll write about Brake for Books another time.

Scoop.it_I used to curate the booktrailers. I love because it pulls YouTube videos into its magazine style page. Students watch the videos on the page, so they’re not distracted by the latest music video, funny animal stunt or  sports blooper posted on YouTube.

Some publishers hire professionals, even actors, to create booktrailers, like this one- Half Bad by Sally Green.

Others feature the author talking about his/her book. My students laughed out loud at Kwame Alexander’s discussion of this YouTube video for his book Crossover.

Scoop.It-FREE (but limitations)
I warn you, though…don’t fall too deeply in love heartwith! Each FREE account can only create 2 topics and their purchase plans are way too expensive:  5 topics = $12.99 a month. Who has that kind of money in their budget? Sadly, they have developed this app for business. However, you can contact them about education pricing. Here’s the link: Scoop.It for Educators

Next year, when all of our freshmen have iPads, teachers will be able to share the link  through Schoology, our learning management system.   But, even if you’re school isn’t 1:1 or heading that direction, if teachers use a free LMS, like Edmodo, they can share it with all their classes there. Also, you could post it directly from the library web page or convert the link to a QR code and post that around the library. There really are so many ways to share these recommendations with students. If you have other ways to share, please comment!