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#ReadYAlit discusses LGBTQ books for teens

LGBTQ Annotated Bibliography

I’m moderating #ReadYALit this Sunday at 8 pm CST where we’re discussing LGBTQ books for teens.

I don’t consider myself to be an expert in this genre- but know that’s important to add these titles to school library collections because I believe in the power of literature and connecting the right book with the right student (of any age)

Please join us to participate or to follow along live. Naomi Bates (@yabooksandmore) will post a storify of this chat here:

You can also sign-up to join be reminded through remind101 of this chat and all other #ReadYALit chats.

Q1 Why is it important to purchase/promote LGBTQ books in our schools/libraries?

Q2 What LGBTQ FICTION titles have your purchased/promoted?

Q3 What LGBTQ NON-FICTION titles have you purchased/promoted?

Q4 In what ways have your promoted LGBTQ books among teens?

Q5 When booktalking LGBTQ books, how do you feel about identifying LGBTQ characters or themes?

Q6 LGBTQ books continue to populate ALA’s Banned Books list. What can librarians do to prepare for/prevent a book challenge?

Q7 Any participants have any questions for the group?

Letter to Penguin/Random House- Despise eBook Library Model

Dear Penguin/Random House Marketing Leadership,

 $15,000 spent on Overdrive eBooks at my High School in 2 1/2 years
$400 spent on Penguin/Random House ebook titles

I thought you might want to know that I (and others like me) despise the lending model that you have created at Overdrive.

I refuse to spend dollars on Penguin/Random House titles unless I know they will circulate heavily. So, I have purchased John Green titles and books that have been made into recent movies.

I tested a few titles last year and as they expired recently several circulated 1-3 times.

So, Harper Collins and publishers with the One Book/One User model that never expire, priced under $25,  get nearly all of my eBook Budget – $4K a year, plus.

As more schools roll out 1:1 and every student gets an iPad or laptop you can expect other schools with big eBook budgets to spend their money just like me.

I thought you might want to know and hope that you’ll make a change soon! Then, I’d gladly shift a large portion of my budget to your titles.

Also, please note that as a high school, I purchase as many Adult books as I do YA/Children’s Titles.


Diane Mankowski
Library Director
National Board Certified Teacher
Glenbard South High School, Glen Ellyn, IL

Twitter: @DianeMankowski

Currently Reading
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